Rose Lodge

This property was architecturally designed and built by William (Bill) Bennett in 1992. The property has a gabled design with corbeling brick details. The whole layout of the living accomadation spans over 2000sq foot. So the whole project was a large scale job, but Bill and his team at the time made it the perfect family home for the Bennett's to live in. More recently the house needed a bit of a make over to moderise it to the absolute perfection it is today, which the team helped do with Bill over looking the most recent project with his precise eye to detail. The moderising of the house has now let them put it on the Market for £600,000. It just goes to show how a small transformation to a house can allow the value to go up and the additional WOW factor come into it. This project - more importantly, this home is a very special part of the WBC and it will be very much missed when it does sell and the family will have some very treasured memories to take with them on their next home.